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A boat in the blue ocean


By The Sea Collection is dedicated to raise awareness and implement a culture of Sustainability. We believe in a commitment to protect our diverse ecosystems and reduce environmental impact are fundamental to the preservation of the planet and its inhabitants, present and future.

We are serious about doing it right and we want you onboard on this journey.

Find out more about it below!

By The Sea Collection Products

Our brand is built on the heart concept of veganism and sustainability. Our bags are crafted with recycled cork. Our signature lining, used in most of our bags, are made from a sustainable canvas which is a mixture of recycled linen and cotton. We worked closely with ethical textile manufacturers to develop our cork fabric. 

We refuse to use other leather alternative materials, such as PVC leather or natural material with plastic laminate, which use more chemicals and create a more negative impact to our environment. We reduce waste by using off-cut materials to create exciting products that respond fully to the topic of environmental responsibility.


Packaging and Shipping
We partnered with carbon-neutral delivery companies to comply with our sustainability code of conduct. We choose compostable and biodegradable mailers made from cornstarch to reduce plastic waste going to landfill, significantly reducing carbon footprint and toxins added to our environment. 

We are committed to promoting employment standards that respect workers’ rights, trade union agreements and the principles underlying the programme of safeguards for workers in the By The Sea Collection system. We recognise the value of diversity, fully respecting cultures, traditions, religions, ethnic groups and communities with which we interact. By The Sea Collection rejects all forms of child labour, forced labour and discrimination, ensuring that all workers have the same opportunities in terms of employment and career development, and receive equal treatment.


Powered by Women
By The Sea Collection is founded and operated by women. We aim to empower and inspire women.