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Plastic Free Packaging

Plastic Free Packaging.
We promise! x


We post out all of our orders in biodegradable compostable packs instead of plastic poly mailers. Hooray!!

comPOST Packs
 are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials; corn starch.The most sustainable option for end users once finished with a comPOST Pack is to put it in with their food scraps and garden waste. They will break down within 90 days in a compost environment in a non-toxic process.

comPOST Pack materials have been certified AS 5810-2010 for Home Composting, meaning they will be completely degraded by microorganisms in the natural world under compost conditions. Ultimately this generates carbon dioxide and water and does not pollute the environment.The certification requirements are for 95% degradation within 180 days.


What exactly are they made of?
Corn starch (from corn not fit for consumption) PLA (Polylactide, which is made from waste corn too and other plants) and PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate).

How long will they take to degrade?
Well, that will depend on the conditions they’re in. In a ‘standard’ home compost, they have been certified (AS5810-2010) to biodegrade within 180 days, i.e.. approx 6 months. Under commercial composting conditions, it would happen much faster, and as litter (e.g. under a tree) it would happen slower, but it will happen. The Australian Standard is one of the most rigorous in the world and includes a worm toxicity test which means that our comPOST Packs are safe to be eaten by the little, pink wriggly guys.

Can they go in a worm farm?
Yes they can. Our packs are certified home compostable AS 5810 which includes a worm toxicity test … and they pass with flying colours.